Daphne M. Davis, Certified Force Science Analyst


I am in the business of protecting police officers.  And I can do so anywhere in Tennessee.  I will fly to you, wherever you are.

I serve as the General Counsel for the Tennessee State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police.  I am also an affiliate attorney for the Nashville Lodge of the FOP, PLEA, and SSPBA.  Representing members in Criminal Investigations, Administrative Proceedings, and Civil Lawsuits is the focus of my law practice.  I am also a licensed pilot.  I can be virtually anywhere in the State within 3 hours.  

You must decide now that you will protect yourself and your family from the potential financial ruin of a criminal investigation and civil lawsuit.  Put my number in your cell phone now.  FOP ATTY 615-497-7715

Licensed Pilot

Immediate Response to Critical Incidents

Experienced Attorney

Handled 1000's of cases

Use of Force

Well-educated attorney, experienced in criminal and internal investigations