Daphne M. Davis, Certified Force Science Analyst


Client Testimonials

"Daphne Davis is a zealous advocate for our FOP members.  She knows the law, understands administrative polices, and applies both in ensuring the best representation for our officers.  She has attended seminars to understand legal issues important to officers, and has used this training and her tenacious instincts to represent members of Lodge 5 over the years."

- Sgt. Robert O. Weaver, Immediate Past President, Andrew Jackson Lodge 5


"I feel confident that I received no suspension days due to the comprehensive research and brief that Ms. Davis filed with the Chief''s office.  I have heard other officers speak VERY well of Ms. Davis' aggressive advocacy for our fellow officers.  I have the highest regard and appreciation for her as a result and would give her 5 out of 5 stars as a rating!"

- Kirk R. FOP Lodge 5 Member and MNPD Officer


"I am confident that the time and research Ms. Davis expended on my use of force investigation resulted in dismissal being taken off the table.  She took ownership of the case, and was always available to discuss my case..day or night.  She was quick to respond to my questions throughout the process and was very motivated in her research.  She excelled above anyone else.  I highly recommend her!"

- Chris T. FOP Lodge 5 Member and MNPD Officer